Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Victory Freebies #6

Well, I almost can't believe it, but the Saints sure are still alive! Here are a few freebies to celebrate, but grab them quick before they expire!

This first one's a flash freebie from my store, so you can only grab it for the next two hours! It will expire at 10am CT.

Freebie #2 is from Melissa Dalton. I suppose that when I planned this, I took for granted that 6 wins should come much sooner! Still, this unit is useful any time or can be saved for next year. Thanks to Melissa for sharing this unit with all of us!  Thank you, Sarah - A Thanksgiving Writing Unit
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Victory Freebie #3 is from Teach with Fergie. You can grab this Bill Nye Video Worksheets (FOUR) - Ecology Worksheet Collection FREE for a limited time!
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And finally, freebie #4 is from Little Smarticle Particles. Looking for a fun math activity to get you through the hard times? Look no further than Combinations in Math - I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream. It's free, but not for long!
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Sunday is a HUGE game, so here's to hoping I see you again next week! Until then, you can read about what I'm teaching the week before Christmas break here.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Saints Win!

Check back in the morning for victory freebies. Don't forget! Some will be in a short window!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Victory Freebies #5

Good Sunday to you! It is ABOUT TIME I get to share more freebies with you! 

Here's a new set of 24 background papers for you to download:

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These are only free for a VERY limited time, so grab them while you can! If you like them, please drop me some love in the form of feedback! :) 

Freebie #2 is from Suzy Palmer. Looking for a fun project for your students to complete? Check out this Flip Flap Book Report Project. I love it and know that you will love it, too!

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Victory Freebie #3 is from Raising Rigor and Readers by Tanesha Brewton. Are you looking for ways to wrap up all of those Common Core ELA skills? Look no further, as this freebie should help you round them out!

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For those of you looking for something with math - or something for lower grades - here's the product for you. Victory Freebie #4 comes from Linda Nelson.   Place Value Riddles For Three Digit Numbers is a fun way to practice place value!

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I'll be back soon with an update on this new product release. Have a great Sunday afternoon!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Character Traits, Novel Study, and a HUGE November!

It seems like it's been way too long since I've blogged about what we're up to in my classroom. The month of November has been a CRAZY one for me, but in a great way!

We spent four fun-filled days in Nashville attending the AMLE conference. We brought all three kids with us (!!) as well as my in-laws, who made the family trip possible by helping with the kids.

We are HUGE country music fans in my house, and my oldest son, Tyler, is an awesome guitar player. It was a dream of his to visit Nashville, and we surprised him with CMA Awards tickets! Here's a photo of Tyler and me from our seats, one row from the top!

Can you believe that boy of mine is ONLY 13?!

The next day, he worked off those CMA tickets by helping out in our booth.

We even had our two youngest boys (ages 9 and 6) in the booth for a couple of hours. Talk about a family affair!

Meanwhile, I really wanted to leave something meaningful and productive for my students to do in the classroom since I'd be out for three days. I decided to start a second class novel right before leaving and have the students read the majority of the novel while I was gone. So, that's how we came to finish The Sign of the Beaver in just over a week! I decided to try something different this time and do more with the entire product of the novel, instead of smaller chunks along the way. So far, I'm really pleased with that. It's a short novel - the audiobook is under 3.5 hours, so that should give you some perspective.

With this novel, I'm focusing on story devices and characterization. Since I plan to hit back on characterization a lot over the next few months, I put together this little characterization tab book for my students to glue in their notebooks.

This interactive notebook activity includes well over 100 sample character traits, organized by generic traits such as happy, sad, mad, lazy, smart, and even positive and negative traits.

I've already emailed a free copy of this activity to all of my email subscribers. If you'd like a free copy of this character traits interactive notebook activity, simply type your email address below to subscribe. After confirming your email address, a copy of this activity will be automatically delivered to your inbox.

What makes this novel so great for characterization is the fact that the book has two strong, dynamic characters. So, we analyzed one of the characters together and then the students analyzed the second character on their own.

I started by using this graphic organizer to analyze Matt.

We glued it in our interactive notebooks, making it a left-side page for the new character traits tab book. (Read about what I've been doing with left side pages and graphic organizers here.)

Now, since the students have this example we did together in their notebooks, I can pull out this organizer at regular intervals throughout the year for new literature we read and expect that my students can complete it independently. If a student claims that he has forgotten what to do, I'll refer him to the page in the notebook and let him know he's a big boy and can do it on his own.

So for now, my students will complete the organizer for the second character, Attean.

I also use this characterization lesson to teach my students how to do a Character Analysis project that they'll have to do in the spring with their literature circles. Here, I'll ask them to draw the character, list 3 traits with text evidence, identify one of the character's goals, one problem, and a solution to that problem. Whew!

And for those of you following my Grade 6 Pacing Chart, you might be noticing that I've strayed from the plan. I've strayed far, far from my plan! Just when I get something how I like it, I go and change it. Why must I do this? Am I the only one who can't do ANYTHING the same two years in a row?!

And finally, here's a chance to win some TpT gift certificates!

We are so excited for the holiday season that we couldn't help but spread some love! Lots of your favorite TPT Teacher-Authors and I have teamed up to give YOU some TPT spending money. We love you and appreciate you (and we wish we could give all of our fabulous followers some money)!

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Victory Freebies #4

Woah! Two wins in ONE week! And a ROAD WIN at that! :) 

To celebrate, I'm sharing some pages with you from my brand new Practice & Assess Reading Literature: Grades 4-5 No Prep Printables! 

Click here to grab a free practice and assessment for Story Vocabulary - it matches up perfectly with Lesson 1 from the Interactive Reading Literature Notebook! You can also download them by clicking on the thumbnails of the printables below.

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Freebie #2 comes from Hello Mrs. Sykes.  Mystery Word of the Week Set 1 is something that I'm DEFINITELY going to have to try myself!  **Sorry, this freebie is no longer available.**

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Victory Freebie #3 is Winter Themed Nonfiction Text Practice from Fourth Grade Flipper. Grab it now and save it for a cold winter day! **Sorry, this freebie is no longer available.**

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Victory Freebie #4 is from Everything Just So. These Reading Response Task Cards can be used for fiction and nonfiction texts.  **Sorry, this freebie is no longer available.**

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These freebies are for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so grab them NOW while you can! 

I told my students that there would be an awesome surprise on Friday if the Saints won tonight. Now, I have to figure out what that's going to be! Good night! :)