Thanks so much for joining me for Day 5 of Follower Appreciation! If you're just now joining in, be sure to check out Wednesday's post and everything in between so that you don't miss out on anything!

Yesterday's Winners:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today's new freebie is a quick interactive notebook activity for teaching types of characters. It's free for this week only, so grab it while you can! Click here to download this activity through Google Docs. It's a tiny sneak peak into my all new *More* Interactive Reading Literature Notebooks that will be out this summer.

Today's book quiz set is for Gordon Korman's Titanic Book One. I have some readers who will read ANYTHING about the Titanic, and I love an opportunity to get them hooked on a series! Download this quick and dirty book quiz set for Titanic Book One

I'm really excited about today's product giveaway! You can win one of three Practice & Assess Differentiation Bundles valued at $50 each!

Three winners will get to choose which of these bundles they'd like to have:

If you use any of my interactive notebooks, these Practice & Assess units match up perfectly! There's a 20-item practice and a 20-item assessment to go with every lesson! And if you don't use the interactive notebooks, that's still OK. You can still use these mega-worksheet sets with any lesson or curriculum!

Don't need all 3 levels? They're all available to purchase individually, too.

Even if you don't teach multiple grade levels, these differentiation bundles allow you to give extra practice or tests on the same topic at multiple difficulty levels. Easy peasy!

Enter below to win your choice of these bundles!

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Thanks so much for joining me for Day 4 of Follower Appreciation! If you're just now popping in, be sure to check out Wednesday's post and everything in between to be sure you don't miss out on anything!

Yesterday's Winners:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be contacting you this weekend! :)

Next up is today's new freebie. It's more printables! Just like the Context Clues printables, these include a 20 item practice and a 20 item assessment. And, you can grab the grade level that's best for your students, or grab them both for super-easy differentiation!


These free practice and assess worksheets are made to complement my FREE interactive notebook lesson on Making Inferences, so if you haven't already, be sure to grab that <a href="">here!</a>

Today's free book quiz is for my secret weapon for those readers who really struggle to make it through a novel without the teacher. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is always a popular choice when my students make out their top 3 picks for literature circles, but I reserve this title for those who really need the motivation.

Today's product giveaway comes from my friend Sandy at ELA Everyday!

These Fiction Frames  are great for any story and are the perfect addition to liven up any literature lesson!  Sandy is giving away 3 of these, so enter to win below!

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Who will win today's $25 TpT gift card? Enter to win below!

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Well, I sure hope this post goes live on time! I'd scheduled yesterday's post for morning and then TOTALLY forgot to even check on it until after school. Do you ever have those days where school feels like a vacuum?!

First, congrats to yesterday's winners! If you've already won a prize, I'll be getting in touch with you this weekend.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

TGIF! I have been hoarding this next prize for WEEKS in anticipation of giving it away as a flash freebie. After today, you'll be able to buy these posters. They're only free TODAY! Have I gotten the point across? Run!

Today's free quiz set is for Bridge to Terabithia! Again, this one is not a favorite of mine but my students seem to really enjoy it so I keep it as a literature circle choice. These quizzes that I'm giving away daily are simple quizzes that I use to hold my students accountable for their reading when done independently or in literature circles, so they don't include higher order thinking questions or essay-type responses. I keep it simple for these!

Today's product giveaway comes from Jivey - it's her Better Than Basal Pack! 

If you teach reading with trade books, you've got to have this! It includes complete reading and writing units for 40 popular mentor texts. Check it out, and enter to win below!

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And last but not least - for today anyway! - enter to win another $25 TpT gift card! 

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See y'all tomorrow! :)


Thanks so much for joining me for Day 2 of Follower Appreciation! If you're just now popping in, be sure to check out yesterday's post to be sure you don't miss out on anything!

We'll start with yesterday's winners!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Today's first freebie is just in time for test practice for those of you who test a little later. For the rest of us, it makes a great review! Even better, it comes in two complexity levels so you can choose the one that's right for your students or grab both for easy differentiation! :)

These worksheets are designed to complement my free interactive notebook lesson on Context Clues, so if you haven't downloaded that yet, be sure to grab it here.

Tomorrow's freebie is a brand new poster set, so make sure you don't miss it!

Today's daily book quiz is not a personal favorite of mine, but my students just love it. It really is a great historical fiction novel set during the Holocaust that is mild enough for 4th-6th graders. I did appreciate it more after I learned about the history behind the events in the story. While on a field trip with my 8th graders to the Holocaust museum in Houston, our tour guide (an elderly Holocaust survivor himself) showed us one of the fishing boats with the false bottom that was used to save the Jews of Denmark. King Christian, the beloved King of Denmark that is mentioned several times in the book, was the only leader in Europe who sheltered and managed to save most of the Jews in his country by helping them escape by boat. 

Anyway.. I didn't mean to write a novel about that myself, but you can grab the book quiz for Number the Stars here! ***Sorry, but this giveaway has ended.*** It's only available for the next 24 hours, so get it while you can! These book quiz sets contain questions that test literal comprehension only, no critical thinking. The idea is to hold the students accountable for reading the assigned material. The critical thinking comes into play during the literature circles group meetings!

Next up is one of my very favorite giveaways EVER - The Watsons Teaching Pack!  Enter to win a class set - 25 copies - of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, 1963

I'm also including 5 copies of this great nonfiction book for researching civil rights to go along with the novel.

And, I MUST include a copy of Margaret Whisnant's Novel Study Teaching Guide for this book. It's so comprehensive that you won't need anything else! 

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And since we can always use a little something extra to make life easier this time of year, I'm giving away another $25 TpT gift card! Enter to win below, and be sure to come back tomorrow to see if you're a winner!

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Today, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to THANK all of YOU, my amazing followers, customers, readers, and friends! It is because of all of YOU that I'm celebrating a major milestone on Teachers Pay Teachers, and you can read about that on the TpT blog!

I plan to shower all of you with love and appreciation every day for the next week, so be sure to come back daily to collect your freebies, enter giveaways, and check to see if you've won any prizes!

The first freebie is only free for a short time, so run and grab it while you can! Be sure to leave me some love in the form of feedback if you find it useful.

I created this unit to fill a major need in my classroom. My students this year desperately needed practice LISTENING, and this has been such a fun unit to do with them! The book is amazing and the narrator's voice and acting are stellar, so you're sure to enjoy this one with your students too!

Warning: It is sometimes harder to listen for a specific word than you might think. Look out for mistakes like these! :D Yup, that one's authentic!

Tomorrow's freebie is brand spankin' new… What is it? THIS is a CLUE...

Next up is today's quiz. Drop by each day this week to pick up your daily book quiz, as these are only available for 24 hours! I've put together several sets of quizzes to use with my Literature Circles. These quizzes will be for sale in my TpT store as quiz pack for literature circles, but you can collect 5 of them free this week! The first set of quizzes is for If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period, my favorite literature circle choice! If you aren't familiar with this book, then read my in-depth book review here.

I'm sorry, but this giveaway has ended.

Next up is a fun giveaway! 

Joanne Miller (Head Over Heels for Teaching) has an amazing activity for looking back on the characters you've studied this year - or this week!  Students can nominate, vote, persuade, and even write an acceptance speech! There's so much fun to be had here! You'll definitely want to read all about how Joanne uses this in her own classroom in this blog post.

Joanne has agreed to give away three of these, so use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see if you've won!

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Enter to win today's $20 TpT gift card!

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Love clip art freebies? Stay tuned, as they'll be coming up later this week! See ya tomorrow!